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We’re excited to get our events calendar ramped up again!  

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Bring the Tap to your crew
or the crew to your Tap!

The Community Tap can provide craft beer/wine service at your next event!

Customize an event for your group in our tasting room or we can also help with an offsite event.  If you’re planning a big one, we have Tap buyout pricing!

VIBE 2021


We’re so excited to bring VIBE back to you in the Fall of 2021~

A little background on this event:  We held a Rare Beer Festival for six years in various locations in Greenville, growing to 1200 tickets for our event at Fluor Field in 2018.  While the events were always a success (50+ breweries giving samples, cool take-away beer glasses, entertainment including local artists!) we really wanted to focus on something smaller, like what was happening in the VIP area at the festival.

Hence VIBE (Very Independent Beer Event) was born in 2019 – taking our VIP concept and bringing it home to our flagship location near downtown… limited tickets, world class beers, and local food.

For more details and tickets, visit visit our Eventbrite page!

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