A monthly wine club, curated by Co-Owner and certified Sommelier, Ed Buffington

While we are lucky enough to taste loads of beautiful wines on a weekly basis at the Tap, only a small percentage of these ever make it to our shelves. ROOTS gives us the opportunity to share the experience of trying our favorite bottles. 

Your monthly ROOTS subscription will include six bottles of wine in a reusable wine tote, notes by Ed including information on the producers, grapes and growing regions, and (bonus & crowd favorite) a recipe selected by Ed to pair perfectly with one or several of your wines for the month.

Ed, why do you love wine so much?

“Way back in the year 2000, my wife Kim and I were living in The Netherlands and during a trip to France – Provence to be exact, the wine bug bit me. 
We were enjoying a pizza with niçoise olives on it and the server brought a carafe of rosé. As one those people who says ‘I only drink red’, I thought ‘why not, it’s what everyone around us is drinking’ and voila – I was hooked! 
Fast forward ten years and as we were opening Greenville’s first craft beer focused store, I wanted to add wine to the mix, because, well, it’s delicious. 
A few years later, as I started going further down the rabbit hole of the wine world, I decided to go for and achieve a Certified Sommelier status with the Court of Master Sommeliers – a rigorous process no doubt. 
As I wrote in the notes of a recent Roots wine club collection, to me wine is, in a way, a method of exploration – in each bottle we can visit the vineyards where the grapes are grown and taste the fruits of the labor from the people and the place that made the wine, each one truly a special event.”

Membership Options

The O.G. Roots bag is the perfect option if you like a little bit of everything.

Your bag will primarily have four red wines and two varieties from the white, rosé, or orange variety.

Annual – $1200 + tax/yr

Quarterly – $330 + tax/qtr

Monthly – $115 + tax/mo

We heard you loud and clear and are excited to announce the Red Collection.

All of the wine in your bag will be red varietals. 


Annual – $1380 + tax/yr

Quarterly – $360 + tax/qtr

Monthly – $125 + tax/mo

The Collector’s Edition is for the wine enthusiast looking to add wines to their collection that are rare, older vintages, or extremely limited in production.

Your six bottles will be a variety of red, white, rosé, orange, and sparkling

Quarterly – $1080

* maximum 6 members

New for 2023

  • As a Roots Wine Club member, you can add our Cultured Cheese Club at a discounted rate. Selecting this add-on means that your cheese payment will be the same billing cycle as your wine.
  • Roots pick up will remain in the middle of the month with Cultured to follow the week after. If you join both clubs, this allows you to pick up your wine and cheese at the same time! *please know we will do our best to strive for these dates but shipping delays unfortunately happen
  • Pickup for both Roots and Cultured Club will be at our North Main or Travelers Rest location.
  • We have changed to a new subscription platform called Billsby that will better allow you to manage your monthly subscription plan and recurring payment. All subscriptions will auto renew through Billsby moving forward.
  • You can sign up at any time, however, if you sign up after the 5th of each month, your membership will start the following month.
  • Annual plans are billed the day the customer signs up. Quarterly and monthly plans are billed the 6th of each month.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

One Time Trial or Gift

Shop our North Main online store to purchase a one-time, three month trial or gift of our Roots Wine Club.