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Welcome to Cultured!

As we’ve been able to grow our regular selection of cheeses and charcuterie, sometimes there are cheeses we’re just not able to bring in due to limited quantities, seasonality, or an inability to procure.

Cultured Club now allows us to share these cheeses with you on a monthly basis that will be both delicious and educational.

What can you expect as a member?

🧀 Great cheese – While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be over the moon for each cheese, we can promise that each cheese will meet our exacting standards – and we’re some pretty hardcore curd nerds.

🧀 Variety – Your monthly collection will be 1-3 cheeses, sometimes with accoutrements – some months may be all cheese, other months may be a cheese with traditional or unexpected accoutrements to pair with it. 

🧀 Education – Expect to learn a little bit via notes provided about the producer, the animals and growing region as you enjoy these cheeses.

🧀 Value – Whatever the monthly selection is, you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal for your hard-earned cheddar.

🧀 You will receive an email every month letting you know when your cheese package is ready for pick up. We aim for the first Tuesday of the month but sometimes shipping difficulties can hold that up. 

🧀 Since Cultured Club packages are perishable, all members must pick-up within the assigned (3-4 day) window of time.

Cultured pickup will be at our Trailside at The Commons location –            147 Welborn St.

For questions, please email [email protected]

photo by Olivier Blanchard

2022 Membership Options


Pay in Full
$300 + tax
  • One Time Payment


$75 + tax
  • 4 Pay Periods


$25 + tax
  • 12 Pay Periods

Three Month Trial

One Time Only
$75 + tax
  • One Time Payment