A monthly cheese club curated by Certified Cheese Professional®, Neil Winter

As we’ve been able to grow our regular selection of cheeses and charcuterie, sometimes there are cheeses we’re just not able to bring in due to limited quantities, seasonality, or an inability to procure.

Cultured Club now allows us to share these cheeses with you on a monthly basis providing both a delicious and educational experience. Each month, Neil thoughtfully selects the cheeses and also provides notes describing each cheese with information on producers, growing regions and many more interesting facts.

photo by Olivier Blanchard
photo by Olivier Blanchard

Neil, tell us how you became a connoisseur of cheese?

“I grew up trying a lot of different food thanks to my parents. My dad was a full time farmer who did catering work on the side and him and my mother were always making a lot of unordinary stuff. That love of food and fearlessness was distilled into something much clearer the first time I went to a real cheese counter and tasted true English cheddar in all its grassy, earthy glory.

Although I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice just a few months after that experience, I knew what I really wanted to do. I immediately started applying to any opening at a Whole Foods Market I could find, just trying to get in the door and make my way behind the cheese counter. Luckily, after a brief stint as a fishmonger, I did.

I fell in love with cheese because of the stories that went into each wheel – the animals, the pastures, the history – but especially the science. I will geek out on some bacteria if you don’t stop me talking, believe me.

After soaking up everything I could about the fermentation of milk over 3.5 years, I had the opportunity to sit for the American Cheese Society “Certified Cheese Professional” exam, their equivalent of a somm for wine, and I passed! Through keeping up with this, my love for those stories and science as grown and now, more than anything, I love sharing it with others.”

What can you expect as a member?

🧀 Value – For $25 a month, you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal for your hard-earned cheddar.

🧀 Variety – Your monthly collection will be 1-3 cheeses, some months may be all cheese, other months may be one cheese with traditional or unexpected accoutrements. 

🧀 Quality – While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be over the moon for each cheese, we can promise that each cheese will meet Neil’s high standards, and he’s a pretty hardcore curd nerd. 

🧀 Education – Expect to learn a little bit via notes provided about the producer, the animals and growing region as you enjoy these cheeses.

New for 2023

  • As a Roots Wine Club member, you can add our Cultured Cheese Club at a discounted rate. Selecting this add-on means that your cheese payment will be the same billing cycle as your wine.
  • Roots pick up will remain in the middle of the month with Cultured to follow the week after. If you join both clubs, this allows you to pick up your wine and cheese at the same time! *please know we will do our best to strive for these dates but shipping delays unfortunately happen
  • Pickup for both Roots and Cultured Club will be at our North Main or Travelers Rest location.
  • For peak freshness, we ask that you pick up within a 3-4 day range. After 10 days, unclaimed packages will be discarded.
  • We have changed to a new subscription platform called Billsby that will better allow you to manage your monthly subscription plan and recurring payment. All subscriptions will auto renew through Billsby moving forward.
  • You can sign up at any time, however, if you sign up after the 5th of each month, your membership will start the following month.
  • Annual plans are billed the day the customer signs up. Quarterly and monthly plans are billed the 6th of each month.

For questions, please email [email protected]

One Time Trial or Gift

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