Funk & Fromage by The Community Tap

Welcome to Cultured!

As we’ve been able to grow our regular selection of cheeses and charcuterie, sometimes there are cheeses we’re just not able to bring in, whether it’s because they are made in more limited quantities, on only on a seasonal basis, or they’re just selections we’ve been unable to procure before now. Cultured Club now allows us to share these cheeses with you through a monthly membership that will be both delicious and educational.

Each selection will have a unique history behind it — where it comes from, the animals providing the milk, and the people responsible for making it. The cheeses will come from American and international producers that practice sustainable production methods and uphold the highest standards of animal welfare in addition to making great cheese.

Payment Options:

  • Monthly – $25 + tax — ongoing, recurring monthly
  • Three Months – $75 + tax — one time purchase
  • Six Months – $150 + tax — one time purchase
  • Six Months – $150 + tax — recurring monthly ($25 per month)
photo by Olivier Blanchard
photo by Olivier Blanchard